like all anybody ever does is fucking bitch about how bruins fans all think they’re morally superior, it’s because people literally sit around waiting for bruins players to do things they find contemptible so that the internet can collectively explode into indignant self-importance

brad marchand isn’t the first player to dive to draw a penalty

milan lucic isn’t the first player to spear somebody in the balls

you can stop fanning yourself and clutching your pearls any time now


You get another one and we’ll take you to Ikea after the game

Torey Krug to Carl Söderberg after scoring a goal against the Caps (via savebyjohnson)

(Source: tuukkarasksass)

[Requested] Johnny Boychuk booing when Marchand’s name was announced

My city is so strong.

part 2 of maddie’s wish is on behind the b tonight; look at tuukka in the background, he just looks proud